The DFEH also says it has been informed and is aware that documents and records have not been retained as required by law, saying some have been “shredded by staff”. You don`t have to pay for new documents if you don`t want to. PM me just and I`m happy to pay for it (up to an existing one) However, if you`re happy to pay for one that`s not there, then please save a copy of the PDF and somehow film it my way. The Consent Order does not require or permit Activision to destroy documents. The EEOC has negotiated a provision of the consent decree to provide a level playing field for eligible applicants who believe their personal records may contain documents (such as assignments or disciplinary measures) placed there due to sexual harassment, pregnancy-related discrimination and/or retaliation they have suffered that would deter them from future opportunities such as promotions. other jobs or even unemployment benefits. Ultimately, it is up to each eligible applicant to decide whether they want the documents removed from their file. If an eligible applicant indicates that there may be something offensive in the applicant`s file that the applicant wishes to delete, the EEOC will review the file to determine if there are such documents that should be deleted. The EEOC will only ask Activision to delete these documents if the applicant wishes them to be removed and if the EEOC agrees that the deletion is appropriate. If such documents are deleted, Activision remains required by law and the Consent Order to retain such recordings, not to destroy them.

The District Judge who approved this settlement agreed with the EEOC that the EEOC would not tolerate the unlawful destruction of documents or accept such a document destruction provision. To all those who are interested. I thought I would start a common thread for the court documents of the two ATVI trials. I will give instructions to retrieve them myself, but be warned – in both cases you will have to register and pay for the documents page by page. I will also include archive URLs for both cases. Speculating on Twitter, Blizzard employee Jessica Gonzalez suspects that the cost of the fines associated with destroying these documents may have been an easier blow to Blizzard than any penalty derived from their existence to complete the lawsuit. Keep in mind that many office forms are submitted, so be careful before ordering. If you have a PACER ID, try to find similar documents before paying for them. If you are still not sure after the search, put a message in the thread and we will see what we can discover about it.

Questions regarding the receipt of an application form, notice or claim identification number, or the submission of an application form, can be directed to the EEOC (using the contact information above) or the Claims Administrator (Atticus Administration) at 1-888-201-1070 or by email at Axios was the first to report on the trial update. One of the most important passages states that “documents and records have not been retained as required by law” and that “documents related to investigations and complaints have been shredded by EMPLOYEES and emails are deleted 30 days after an employee`s separation.” The amended complaint was of a As is increasingly the case with reports like these, the report claims that many attempts have been made to talk to HR for some sort of solution and improve the chain of command for support. “Employees continued to be discouraged from complaining because it was known that staff were close to suspected harassers,” the lawsuit documents said. “As a result of these complaints, employees were subjected to retaliation, including, but not limited to, being deprived of work on projects, involuntarily transferred to various units and selected for layoffs. » Archive – From there, click on links to find documents (either the history/documents or the file report) The amended complaint is part of the original lawsuit, which was first filed at the end of July. This is the culmination of a lengthy investigation by California`s DFEH, citing numerous reports of harassment at Activision and Blizzard. First, check the URL of the court auditor above. If someone has installed the Recap the Law extension and downloaded a document, Court Listener will have an archive of the consent decree and cannot require or allow Activision to destroy documents. The district judge who approved this regulation expressly stated that she would not tolerate the unlawful destruction of documents. Yes.

The Federal District Court, after reviewing the evidence presented by the EEOC, concluded that the claims for monetary and injunctive relief were consistent with federal law and ruled that the consent decree was “fair, reasonable, reasonable and in the public interest, which is the legal standard in which consent orders are approved by the court. The California Department of Fair Employment & Housing has expanded its anti-discrimination lawsuit against Activision Blizzard (opening in a new tab), claiming that the publisher had shredded important documents relevant to the ongoing investigation. To quickly recap this for those who don`t know, this is a lawsuit that states that Activision Blizzard failed to fulfill its federal obligation to its shareholders when they were informed in 2018 that a DFEH investigation was underway that would affect the share price. Activision Blizzard employees on Twitter reacted quickly to new allegations of document destruction. He adds that during its investigation, Activision Blizzard “refused to provide documentation on complaints and investigations of discrimination and harassment, claiming that they did not exist or that they were privileged and confidential because lawyers were involved in receiving complaints and investigating.” This will guide you through the documents you can order.