Every Indian citizen who has to travel from one point to another should be aware of how annoying it is to be stuck in traffic. You would expect metropolises to handle traffic better, but it`s much worse there. People are always in a hurry and try to sneak into their vehicles literally everywhere, which makes the situation even worse for others. He said the state capital is facing huge traffic jams due to the increasingly large vehicles. (2) No motor vehicle other than motor vehicles of the State Government or Government of India shall be exempted from payment of the time limit if the tax due on that motor vehicle for that period has already been paid by some. The video begins by showing the usual traffic on our Indian roads. We can see traffic jams, people breaking traffic rules and some people driving very fast. Then they show us the traffic of Mizoram, where we can see that everyone follows the traffic rules. Some people also believe that the people of Mizoram are the embodiment of patience and discipline. Mizoram is also known as the “Silent City of India”. The new traffic rules will come into effect on June 1 in Aizawl and will be tested for a month. the tax ha:5 has been paid or no tax is due on motor vehicles Similarly, any vehicle whose registration ended in 3 or 4 may be driven on Tuesday, 5 or 6 on Wednesday, 7 or 8 on Thursday and 9 and 10 on Friday.

All vehicles can drive free of charge on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. You can see a clip of Mizoram, everyone obeys traffic rules and drives responsibly. No one honks. No one overtakes, everyone stays in the lane and does not cross the finish line. Cars always stay on the left, while two-wheelers are on the right. In other cities, we have seen the opposite of two-wheelers trying to cross traffic on the left side of cars, which could be dangerous. Recently, a photo of Mizoram went viral on the Internet. In the photo, we could see the track discipline of the Mizoram pilots. Even Anand Mahindra applauded and tweeted about the photo.

Here is a video where we can see how the citizens of Mizoram explain why they do not violate traffic rules. Under the new rules, any vehicle with a licence plate ending in 1 or 2 can drive on Monday. Mizoram Police Inspector General John Neilaia told reporters on Monday that there are currently more than 1.70 lakh vehicles in Aizawl district, including more than 1.19 lakh in the state`s capital alone, Aizawl, accounting for 70 percent of the total number of vehicles in the district. Sandeep Ahlawat, a Twitter user who posted the photo, thanked people for waiting patiently and following traffic rules without making a fuss. “I`ve only seen this kind of discipline at Mizoram. There are no luxury cars, no big egos, no anger in the street, no horns. No one is in a hurry,” Ahalawaat noted. “There is calm and serenity everywhere,” he said. According to him, more than 23,800 vehicles are expected to rest every day when the new rules come into force. He said the number of vehicles in Aizawl this year has increased by 38 percent compared to last year. Aizawl: The Mizoram government hopes to reduce traffic congestion in the state capital with a new set of rules that will remove vehicles from the roads by up to 20 percent.

(2) If the 1i~ence is so attributable to the motor vehicles, the owner or registrant has taken custody of the vehicle until the tax is satisfied that a licensee has been properly acquired for those motor vehicles. If you think about the traffic rules in India, there are none that are actually followed. However, a rare image of our own country is going incredibly viral, showing how people have followed traffic rules carefully. What a beautiful picture; Not even a vehicle gets lost on road markings. Inspiring, with a strong message: it is up to the United States to improve the quality of our lives. Follow the rules. Many thanks to Mizoram. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 t.co/kVu4AbEYq8 registered owner of the. Motor or other vehicles usually make changes or the Lagislative Assembly of~id~~ thit the s1all rules will not be The new rules, however, will be exercised on an experimental basis for a month, after which they will be stopped if they are deemed impractical and effective, Neilai said. motor vehicles passing through that State may require, by prescribed regulation, that the driver of motor vehicles drive on all public transportation! Acoto stop this motor vehicle ~ and cuse it to stay if lon ~ that the days can be issued both compared to a motor vehicle of any class against the payment of such a tax, When we see a scene like this, we only wish that everyone would be disciplined when it comes to traffic rules.

Imagine the time and effort saved. A great greeting to the people of Mizoram. When this type of discipline is followed by the North Indians, the morality rate is inadvertently reduced to zero, and also the triff jam is reduced. The state`s Traffic Management Coordination Committee decided in April to introduce new traffic rules in Aizawl that would replace existing rules introduced by the former congressional administration in 2017. Depend on all vehicles listed in I!1Paragraph (1)~ #Mumbai people are always in tears to reach their destination. The streets are narrow, the traffic is crazy. Commuting in a metropolitan city that never sleeps is not easy. Level 2 cities can afford to follow traffic rules. and these motor vehicles are exclusively designed and used The image was also praised by industrialist Anand Mahindra, who shared the post on his own Twitter account.

Inspired by the people of Mizoram, he wrote: “What a beautiful picture; Not even a vehicle gets lost on road markings. Inspiring, with a strong message: it is up to the United States to improve the quality of our lives. Follow the rules. Many thanks to Mizoram. No matter how strong the rules and laws are, it depends on who is supposed to follow them. And everything comes from within This image was shared by Twitter user 🙂 Sandeep Ahlawat. It shows a street in Mizoram where commuters managed to stay in the marked line and did not try to pass another vehicle. There was also no unruly behavior. 4 or paragraph (5) of this article, the whole motor vehicle~ is divided SL1CB way, because they say that this is part of the mutual respect that is in their culture. According to their people, it is in their nature to take care of others, which is why they follow all traffic rules. They don`t overtake people abruptly and don`t change their path.

One resident says people in Mizoram have a sense of citizenship and don`t want to harass others. In response to the photo, he tweeted: “What a beautiful picture; Not even a vehicle gets lost on road markings. Another user replied: “Incredible recognition must go to the state police to maintain this discipline. Awesome. » avoid transporting o~persotJIs, manure or materials for agricultural or transport purposes One user said: “For the first time, you see such traffic discipline in India. Bow before the people of Mizoram. I hope that will spread across our country. Another user said: “It`s common sense, no matter the terrain. They overtake, risk accidents or bottlenecks that cause traffic jams. Everyone in one line, everyone arrives quickly at their destination. Tax, unless expressly exempted by the provincial government for certain periods, the six producers within thirty days from the date of notification of the tax code or the date h) “year” means the fiscal year and “semester” means the first half or second half of the year This one I caught in Gangtok, No horn n it was so quiet, that pic.twitter.com/Mod8lYFCkV possession or control over ~ ball may be punished by a fine, which may be up to one hundred for that purpose, in order to enforce the provisions of the law or the control of the person liable for the tax, penalty or CFSF as the case may be: 2. A draft order proposed in accordance with subsection (I) shall be put on the table of the beach road, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh pic.twitter.com/h6DhhVGGJh.

It`s a matter of common sense, regardless of the terrain. They overtake, risk accidents or bottlenecks that cause traffic jams. Everyone in a line, everyone reaches their destination quickly.