Cornell Law, one of five Ivy League law schools, is one of the smallest top-tier programs in the country, graduating with just 200 students each year. But these graduates are in rare company, alongside several attorneys general, members of the U.S. and state House of Representatives, and law professors. Founded in 1835, NYU Law is the oldest law school in New York City and one of the oldest in the country. Over its 185 years, the school has consistently topped lists of top schools, not only by U.S. News & World Report, but also by international media such as the Academic Rankings of World Universities and the QS World University Rankings. Most of the schools on this list will have impressive alumni. But Syracuse University Law School could beat them all with their most famous graduate, US President Joe Biden. The president is just one of many legislators who have studied at CERS and its graduates include judges, representatives and civil defense attorneys. Lower-level schools can be just as academically rigorous, but offer advantages in terms of individual attention, better work placement, and lower tuition fees.

We use the US News ranking to rank schools, the most popular and detailed ranking system in the United States. As a forum for some of the most important legal discussions, law journals are an important part of any law school program. Although most schools publish at least one journal, Fordham University School of Law publishes six law journals, each published by students. Not only that, but these journals consistently rank at the top of the field, with the Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law cited more than any other publication. Thousands of international students flock to New York City each year to further their education, immerse themselves in the cultural world, make important professional connections, and experience the vibrant city for themselves. Students who choose to study in New York City will find that the city has a thriving academic environment where students from all disciplines can thrive. There are many pioneering law schools in New York City, where millions of alumni work and show off their expertise. See the following sections for details. New York City is the hub of many industries, including finance, technology, government, and fashion. There are countless opportunities for legal internships and general experience to gain. New York State also has the largest number of law schools after California. As the name suggests, it is a Catholic school.

It is private and has an excellent reputation as it ranks well in the top 100 law schools in America. If you want to become a lawyer, it is advisable to attend a reputable law school. This can help you pass the bar exam, get hired, and achieve your career goals. While it`s important to find a good law school, choosing the right one can be difficult. Many options are available, and they have different locations, prices, and reputation. You should be practically above whoever can pick you up. According to, only California surpasses New York when it comes to states with the highest number of institutions that train lawyers in the United States. New York has some of the respected and vibrant institutions that teach law in the country, and you might feel overwhelmed by the decisions. Every institution has access to multinational corporations, world leaders and urgent social needs. Still, everyone claims to have an impressive list of resources and alumni. Law schools prepare students for everything from conventional topics such as civil procedure, family law, and niche issues such as film and fashion industry law to cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and data mining. Whatever type of law you want to practice, you can find a law school that is willing to provide you with the right tools.

Below, we describe the most attractive qualities of New York`s top 10 legal institutions. We selected schools based on features such as: Fordham Law, one of the largest law schools in the country, is an integral part of the Manhattan legal scene. The trial advocacy program is in the top 10 and offers five different areas of focus: business and financial law, intellectual property and information law, international, comparative and foreign law, litigation and dispute resolution, and public interest. There are many options, all with different prices, locations, and reputations, and to add another element, you need to be realistic about which ones you let in! Especially if you`re planning to study in New York State, you`ll feel a little overwhelmed.