There are many unwritten rules for hostel etiquette and after spending a few weeks in a hostel, you will start to realize the boring/rude little things that people do. I think most “violations” boil down to inexperience of hostel life, but there are a few cardinal rules that every innkeeper should know. While these are things to keep in mind, I want to point out that hostels are generally extremely safe! The crime recorded in hostels is very low and I have never had a problem in my many years of budget travel. Want to know all the rules about sex in hostels? Take a look at our top tips and do`s and don`ts. Rule 37 of the Geneva Convention – You should not be angry with people who pack/prepare their day when the time is after 8am. In our humble opinion, people can do whatever they want after 8 a.m., so don`t all get upset because you have a hangover. There is no sleep when you are in a hostel. In a dormitory, you share space with 3 to 24 other people. Don`t make a mess and spread your stuff everywhere. This only asks for the theft or someone accidentally stepping on your stuff. Also, I would bet this floor of the hostel is not particularly clean. There are no official or legally binding rules for customers.

But if you want to be the best bunk companion possible, these are a few ways to make a good impression. Hostels have written rules that must be followed. This includes hostel booking sites – check out which ones we recommend. The great advantage of a hostel is the state of mind of the people. Almost everyone who stays at a hostel knows that it is a shared space and that it is open to chat. If your hostel has a kitchen and you can cook, you should try to arrange a meal. Let everyone put in some money and prepare a big meal. Even something as simple as spaghetti is a good option.

Also good to know: If you already know you`ll be arriving very late, you should stay in a private room. Late check-in may even cost extra at some hostels. Plus, it can be extremely uncomfortable for you and all the other guests if you arrive in the dorm at 4am. But I understand that there are beginners in hostels. So I thought I had prepared a public announcement for anyone planning to sleep in hostels on their travels. In other words, this is a list of the best hostel tips that I believe everyone should follow for the happiest hostel experience. Our own story: We once stayed in a hostel where the common area was right in front of the dorms. At 8 p.m., we were sitting there with new friends, chatting, having a drink, when a classmate came out of his room to complain.

Basically, it involves these common sense rules for a beautiful coexistence. Just because the internet is free doesn`t mean you can spend all day using the hostel`s computer. You really shouldn`t need to spend more than 10 minutes on the computer. Check your emails, book your next hostel and go. Are you serious? You`re so cool with your guitar. It really shows how unique you are. Please do not play it in the room.. Don`t actually play it in the hostel. Okay, that sounds weird, maybe you already have it. We recommend being friendly in a hostel. Anyway, you see, some people push it to the extreme.

Maybe this guy had a hard day, or maybe he shouldn`t stay in a hostel at all if he expects complete silence at 8pm. Needless to say, this guy wasn`t everyone`s favorite. It`s an important part of hostel etiquette that grinds my gears! And it seems that this should go without saying, but please do not turn on the big light in the middle of the night or very early in the morning. If you are under 18 and not accompanied by an adult, you will need written permission from a parent or guardian. However, some hostels have a strict rule of not accepting guests under the age of 18. We would like to thank the past, present and future generations of all Indigenous peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore and play. Always practice the Leave No Trace ethic in your adventures and follow local regulations.