AHLA publishes a wide range of documents in the field of health law, and its offerings are highly appreciated by all those who know and use this content. Health law practice tools are an essential part of this content, and many authors and speakers who attend AHLA events and projects include forms, sample guidelines, contract templates, checklists, and diagrams with their articles and book chapters. The third edition of the AHLA`s Guide to Legal Forms, Agreements and Policies in Health Care is primarily a three-volume compilation of these resources, derived from documents submitted to the AHLA. So this post is not the business of a single person, but dozens of highly skilled healthcare lawyers who have generously shared their hands-on experience with colleagues in real time. The content of this resource comes from the very community it is meant to serve, and that is where its value lies. Excellence in health care requires excellence in health law. For more information on our education, training and networking opportunities, please visit us on americanhealthlaw.org. “Our community needs instant access to a variety of healthcare tools that can help them serve customers quickly and efficiently,” said Robert Anderson, Senior Director of Publishing at AHLA. “This new edition saves more time than ever before, with downloadable Microsoft Word templates that make it even easier for our readers to tailor a document to the needs of a particular customer. Alongside the third edition, the April 2021 review of the Guide is designed to provide healthcare professionals with a set of downloadable sample tools to help them develop the specific contracts, forms and policies they need to serve their clients. When using this resource, it is important to remember that the information is presented as a roadmap for solving legal problems, but editing, additional research, citation checking, and terminological adjustment are still necessary to tailor a document to a specific client or environment.

EBooks, CDs, downloadable content, and software purchases are non-cancellable, non-refundable, and non-returnable. Click here for more information about LexisNexis eBooks. eBook versions of this title may contain links to Lexis+ ™ or the Lexis service for further® legal research. A valid subscription to Lexis+ or Lexis is required to access this content. The third edition of the AHLA`s Guide to Legal Forms, Agreements, and Policies, published by the American Health Law Association (AHLA), showcases the cumulative work of dozens of health care lawyers and other health law professionals who share their practical experience in real time. This three-volume guide offers an unprecedented collection that covers areas such as: transactions, company compliance, plant operations, fraud and abuse, governance, health information, contracts, labor and employment, medical practices, reimbursement, and more. The AHLA Guide to Legal Forms, Agreements and Health Care Policies can be ordered from the AHLA store on the LexisNexis website for AHLA members and the broader health lawyer community. The American Health Law Association (AHLA) is the nation`s largest 501(c)(3) non-partisan educational organization dedicated to health care legal issues. AHLA maintains excellence in health law by educating and connecting the healthcare community.

This April 2021 supplement includes new and revised forms, as outlined below: In this April 2021 supplement, the AHLA expanded its scope in collecting practice tools by reviewing and selecting sample forms and guidelines from external sources, including professional associations, health care providers and legal professionals. These organizations have kindly allowed us to reprint their documents in the guide, enrich its content and provide more comprehensive coverage of all aspects of health law. With a diverse workforce of more than 13,000 healthcare professionals representing the entire healthcare industry, AHLA is able to leverage practitioners` deep expertise to create high-quality, just-in-time training resources that help members of the health rights community provide analytics, assess risks, ensure compliance and make informed recommendations to their organizations and customers. to be handed over. AHLA`s trusted resources benefit all those who advise physicians, hospitals, health systems, specialty providers, payers, life sciences companies, suppliers, investors and many other healthcare stakeholders. If you have an interest in health law, you have a home in AHLA. You may have already requested this item. Please select Ok if you still want to continue this request. {{#if showAllCollectables}} See all summary numbers of this title: {{else}} {{/if}} Subscribers will receive the products listed on the order form and all updates provided during the annual subscription period. Shipping and handling charges are not included in the annual price. The return of a shipment, with the exception of the initial purchase, does not result in the cancellation of the subscribers` subscription. As part of the auto-renewal option, subscribers will receive a renewal notice at least 60 days prior to each renewal date, including the cost of the next annual subscription.

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