Al Tamimi & Company is the largest law firm in the Middle East with 17 offices in nine countries. Founded in 1989, we are a full-service trading company that combines knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure our clients have access to the best legal solutions that are economically sound and profitable. Al Tamimi & Company is the leading law firm in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) with 17 offices in 10 countries. The company has unparalleled experience as it has been operating in the region for over 30 years. Our lawyers combine international experience and qualifications with regional expertise and understanding. We are not like everyone else. As a law firm, we have the opportunity to practice local law in each of the nine jurisdictions in which we operate. This means that each of our licensed litigants has the right to hear in local courts. We are proud of this unique strength, which really sets us apart from the competition.

“The team is very innovative and ready to find solutions for their customers.” “The firm has a particularly strong practice in maritime litigation. The team is responsive and has unparalleled knowledge of local processes. “I can easily count on everyone on the team, from associates to paralegals. “The team (the teams) is the key and integral part of this law firm. They have a respected name both in the industry and in the country. “Mr. Naief Yahia: His qualities include mastery of law, a remarkable ability to grasp historical issues and events, a good negotiator, competent, creative, approachable, serene, strategic thinker, courteous and bilingual. “Knowledge of the local legal environment and pragmatic business approach to finding solutions. “Malek Al Rifai is an exceptional lawyer. His knowledge and experience of complex transactions is rarely seen in the market. His commercial acumen and practical common sense are refreshing. It breaks down difficult transactions into their basic elements and creates a well-coordinated action plan that only needs to be followed to succeed.

“Excellent. The firm is friendly, open and attentive to the needs of its clients. These lawyers are very accessible and pleasant to work with. Through their tireless efforts, they have shown that work is not just a task for them, but something they are passionate about. “Their expertise is both onshore and offshore. “The team is competent and responsive when needed. This distinguishes the company from its competitors in Bahrain. “Ivor understands customer needs and is the best on the market. Divya Abrol Gambhir; Mamoon Khan; Ali Awad; Sarah El Serafy; Ashish Banga Our customers are at the heart of everything we do – their business is our business.

Our strength lies in the confidence of our customers that we will provide them with the quality of service they deserve. That`s why we make it our mission to find creative and business legal solutions while focusing on making the law work for them. Over the years, we have negotiated for a variety of clients, including: government agencies; state or semi-public institutions; local, regional and international businesses; banks and financial institutions; in collaboration with international and regional law firms. “Malek Al Rifai is very responsive,” explains both sides of the situation, “is business-oriented and develops innovative ideas for the problem. He always acts with great responsibility and the team owns the project and tries to increase the best interest for us. “They understand the business and have an economic mindset in addition to the legal mindset. “Jody Waugh is a brilliant, business-oriented partner with an excellent knowledge of local laws. This country-specific Q&A provides an overview of Egypt`s labour laws and regulations.

“Mr. Dennis Ryan is a jewel of a human being. He is meticulous and has a very special eye for relevant issues. Euan Lloyd; Naief Yahia; Thomas Snider; John Gaffney; Sara Aranjo Apex Group Limited, including its subsidiary Fundrock Investment Managememt Services (ME) Ltd Yas Marina Circuit (Abu Dhabi Motorsport Management LLC) Two member firms of the World Law Group have been awarded for the IFLR Middle East Awards 2022, which will take place on October 12 in Dubai at the Mandarin Oriental. “Samir Kantaria not only has excellent legal knowledge, but his experience allows him to advise the client in an effective, clear and pragmatic manner.” “We have been working with Al Tamimi and Co. for some time and we are very satisfied with the level of services we receive and the timely way it is done.” “Samir Kantaria is an exceptional lawyer. He offers us an excellent service. He will answer the specific question, but will also anticipate the questions that arise from his advice and save himself the back and forth. He is very responsive and adapts the level of advice to the details of a problem, so if a short call solves the problem, he will call, but if it is more complex, then we may have received a letter of advice and held a meeting.

“Our business and regional presence continue to grow, and we are committed to continuing our expansion in line with our commitment to meet the needs of customers operating throughout the MENA region. Do you do business in the Middle East? So are we! Our regional presence means that wherever our customers operate in the region, we are here to support them. Our expansion has been strategic and customer-oriented. Our values define who we are and what is important to us. As a company, we have grown on the basis of a set of core values that are essential to everything we do. “High level of communication and efficiency in the provision of legal services and advice.” “They have a good mix of established lawyers and former in-house lawyers who know the market and the industry very well. This works very well for clients, as advice needs to be practical, the trading strategy needs to be supported and needs to get to the heart of the matter. “Cabinet members have the ability to take important issues and problems out of complex situations. They are also experienced lawyers with in-depth knowledge of regional laws and practices, as well as international practices. In addition, the company is able to communicate perfectly in English, which seems to be a great strength compared to other regional/local businesses.

“Dennis Ryan is always ready to adapt, adapt and support customer initiatives.” “Good solid knowledge of the local legal environment in practice and not just in theory.” “Ivor McGettigan is the heart and soul of this team – as a senior associate of Al Tamimi, he is able to use all of the company`s resources to resolve issues quickly.” “Jody Waugh – quality of advice, understanding of the business and depth of knowledge.” “Sara Aranjo: She gives advice precisely in concise words.” “Gordon Barr is always available, very responsive and reliable.