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He was under the care of my father, who was attracted to them and the local Grama Panchayath because he. I very much appreciate this effort and I want to thank you. You just made me a lifetime customer by dealing with my problem quickly, is really commendable and you really want to congratulate yourself and the entire” team for creating this amazing website. Please call the same number again to continue your call. Our system will ask you “Do you want to talk to the old lawyer” or a “New lawyer”. You can choose your needs. A few days ago, I had an accident. It was raining heavily.

I was on Scooty. In addition to the rain, the raincoat cap disturbed my eyesight. I was driving at a maximum speed of 30 km/h when a drunk man living in a nearby slum came in front of me. I hit him and we both fell in the street. I got up and ran to the guy to make sure he was alive. He was lying down, so I held him and let him sit down. His nose and the side of his head were bleeding, but luckily he was alive. People from nearby slums came to get my Scooty, which was lying in the street. They picked him up and left him standing on his two legs. They discovered that he was drunk. Then He came before my wod, took my keys and started throwing tantrums, which I did. I said, sit in my Scooty and I`ll take you to the hospital.

Slum dwellers also agreed. So I took him to the hospital. Before arriving at the hospital, he told her to stop by a bush where he took a bottle of alcohol from his bag and hid it in the bush, saying doctors might get mad at him for carrying a bottle. Then we went to the public hospital. The doctor dressed up to his head and nose where he was bleeding. He said no problem, minor injuries. Everything will be fine in a few days, go home. He also wanted to go home. So he told her to take me to his house. I took him home. His mother started causing ultimate drama when I brought him home. As if he were dead.

The guy ran as if nothing had happened, but his mother said no, he`s not well, he`s shaking, I said he`s drunk, that`s why he`s shaking. His mother said no, take him to a good hospital. I booked an ambulance and took him, his mother and two of his locals to a prestigious private hospital. There I took him in case of emergency, they scanned his head and spine and X-rayed his chest and arm. The report arrived and there we found a crack in his nose. They said it was not necessary to be admitted to the hospital. Go home and rest. It will repair itself.

I told the doctor, please, write in the report that he was drunk so I wouldn`t get into trouble later. The doctor asked the patient if he was drunk, and he admitted it was him. That is what the doctor wrote in the report. We all went home. At that time, we spent close to $20,000 on medical expenses. I just browsed LinkedIn and came across a professional who offers one-on-one training for a fee. He is from Jaipur, Rajasthan, and I paid him an advance of 3500 rs for training.