Public holidays in Spain that fall on weekends are sometimes replaced by alternative days (usually the following Monday) if the regional government so wishes. More recently, however, alternative days have not always been given. Do you live in Spain? Here`s a list of all the Spanish holidays you need to know about in 2022 and 2023, as well as other important dates you should note in your calendar. Many shops also close during the national and regional holidays in Spain. Each year, you can check the list of Spanish holidays on the website of your local autonomous community, which usually publishes a list at the beginning of each year. Unlike regional festivals, these festivals are celebrated throughout Spain. Whether you live in Spain or are just visiting, it is important to note the dates of the Spanish holidays and key dates. Indeed, on some of these dates, businesses and public offices close or have reduced opening hours. So you don`t miss anything important, our guide compiles a list of Spanish holidays as well as important dates for your calendar. A puente (bridge) is sometimes built between weekends and holidays, which fall on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

The Puente will then create a long weekend. The Spanish government sets Spanish national holidays each year, although Spanish public holidays vary from region to region. While every city observes national holidays in Spain, regional festivals are set by local governments. No holidays posted? This is because you have not selected any type of holiday. Please check at least one of the boxes. Spanish public holidays are busy periods, especially when a public holiday falls on a Thursday or Tuesday and employees take a four-day holiday (dias festivos or vacaciones – public holiday in Spanish). However, the government`s proposal to postpone the Spanish holiday to Monday and avoid this practice has not yet been adopted. In general, the Spanish regional holidays coincide with the great Spanish festivals and can be a spectacular time to visit a new city and enjoy authentic Spanish cuisine. However, many Spanish festivals are world famous, which means that accommodations fill up quickly. Therefore, it is important to book early if your trip falls on a Spanish national holiday.

You can also read our complete guide to school holidays in Spain so you never forget your child`s school holidays. If one of the “national holidays” falls on a Sunday, the regional governments – the autonomous communities of Spain – can choose another holiday or leave the choice to the local authorities. In practice, except for public holidays that fall on a Sunday, regional governments can choose up to three public holidays per year; Or they can choose less to allow for more options locally. Holidays celebrated in Spain include a mix of religious (Roman Catholic), national and regional celebrations. Each municipality may have a maximum of 14 public holidays per year; A maximum of nine of them are selected by the national government and at least two locally, including patron saint festivals. These festivals are only celebrated in certain Spanish regions, unlike the festivals listed above. Here you can see the holidays Spain for the year 2021. To select another year, please use the drop-down menu above.

Public holidays in bold are public holidays in Spain. Since 2010, Ceuta and Melilla, two autonomous cities in Spain, have declared the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, or Feast of Sacrifice, an official holiday. It was the first time since the Reconquista that a non-Christian religious festival was officially celebrated in Spain. [1] [2] [3]. Note: Regional observation only (Balearic Islands). Note: Can be replaced by the Autonomous Communities with a different date. Christmas Eve is Christmas Eve and falls on December 24 in the Gregorian calendar.