Here we will know that Neo+, which is said to be fraudulent or dangerous, currently registered with the OJK, is just as legal, see how to pay the balance on the account. That is, by creating an account and inviting other people to use this more lucrative neo apk app. You often wonder, is the neo+ app that is now hit dangerous when you use it? The next question, how to make money with this neo plus (+) app? In fact, the method is very simple. This app only asks you to invite as many people as possible as users. We recommend that you are not afraid to use this Neo Plus (+) silver manufacturer. Because it is very easy to find the existence of this digital bank through social media and also the Internet. Of course, before you can join the neo plus (+) apk app, you need to register as a potential user. How? It`s simple, you just need to prepare a phone number that is always active. Does the Neo+ app make money? This certainly makes users happy. But lately, there are still a lot of people who question the security and legality of the app + Neo The name of the app is Neo +, which is able to make money. However, many people still doubt this app.

You should know that the application of Neo+ is legal and registered on the official website of the Financial Services Authority. So don`t commit fraud. The reason for this is that people still have doubts and may have just heard of the name Neo Comerce Bank (BNC), especially for people who are not familiar with the banking world. Now, you should know that Bank Neo Commerce, as the bank that publishes the Neo+ app, is one of the banks that has been around for a long time and is legal in Indonesia. Here`s what we can write about those of you who often ask about neo+ neo+ banks are not deceptive apps. or dangerous, it is also legal at the FSA, check how you can withdraw the balance to the account. One of them is the advent of the latest lucrative app called neo plus (+). The way this app works is quite safe. In addition, this app also has features that support your financial activities. Speaking of legality, this request already has the official approval of the Financial Services Authority (OJK). In short, this application is already legal and certified.

Instead of being curious, let`s take a look at the explanation of the latest lucrative app called neo plus (+) apk. In addition, neo plus (+) apk is the official app of Bank Neo Commerce (BNC), which has been operating under the name Bank Yudha Bhakti for over 30 years. Later, this application will offer its customers who have deposits a fairly high interest rate. In addition, this neo plus (+) apk also offers free transfers to any bank. It`s really interesting, isn`t it? To increase its credibility, neo plus (+) also has very good security standards. Starting with registration, verification via OTP and it turns out that this application has also been registered in the Play Store. The developer of this app has also guaranteed the safety of its users when using this more lucrative neo app. In addition to the guaranteed security, getting cashback by downloading this app is a bait in itself that entices many social media users to sign up for this app. In fact, neo plus (+) apk is a digital banking app that has a function like a bank in general. Starting with transfers, savings deposits and deposits.

BNC is also legal and has been registered on the official website of the Financial Services Authority (OJK). In addition, the Neo+ application is secure and does not commit fraud. For those of you who haven`t used it and still have doubts, you may be wondering. Is Neobank safe?. Fraudulent phishing is one of the crimes in the form of fraud that is basically still experienced by many people. Pursued from an organization, the goal is to confirm something important. For example, a link for the purpose of verifying the account, by entering an email address / password. In addition, this application was launched by the neo Commerce bank, which has been around since 1990. More than 30 years after this bank, it is certain that the transactions you make via neo+ are also guaranteed to be secure.

You will receive at least IDR 1,600 of the voucher within 7 days. Even more interesting is that when you sign up to invest in deposits in Neo+, you also receive a flat rate of 1.8% per year. Even though Bank Neo Commerce, as the bank that launches the Neo+ app, is one of the banks that has been around in Indonesia for a long time. Advantages Neobank Neobank operates without the use of branches, operating costs can be reduced and replaced by lower management and transaction fees than existing traditional banks. BNC Neo+ is a new digital bank resulting from the transformation of Yudha Bakti Bank. Currently, the digital bank has launched a new application in terms of mobile banking on the market. The name is none other than Neo Plus (Neo+). The creation of this application, because it wants to facilitate the banking transactions of customers. If you are looking for a proven app that makes money, this app is a good choice. Please share this notice with your family, friends and colleagues so that more people know this information.

Well, one of BNC`s digitization processes through the exhibition of the Neo+ app has been underway since 2020. Advances in the digital world as it is today are actually facilitating the possibilities of online fraud emerging. One of them is like this phishing website, you need to recognize and know the fraud pattern. An example of the application of phishing is the widespread use of phishing, namely the dissemination of false government information. First, the author signed up with another person`s referral invitation code, and if successful, the balance of IDR 20,000 was immediately entered into the Neo+ account. As you already know from the discussion about the scam mode on web link phishing and bnc neo+ event above. This type of phishing scam on the web can be avoided by not believing in it too much, while the Neo+ app itself is also not a scam service, as it has been registered with the OJK. Although, in fact, the Neo+ or Neobank app is a banking app for BNC customers. In fact, this app is not much different from banking apps owned by Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI or other banks. To do this, you can go to the homepage. Continue by clicking on the “Refer a friend” button.

You can share the referral code with your friends, family or social media that you have. The next step is to open a new account with Neo+.