Sheldon works with many well-known CEOs of public and private companies. He particularly enjoys leading legal teams in various jurisdictions and acting for entrepreneurs looking to grow and sell their business. In addition to corporate and commercial advice, many clients turn to Sheldon at an early stage to evaluate various business options before making final decisions. Joelson is a business law firm founded in 1956 (under the name Joelson Wilson). The goal remains the same today: to provide world-class, proactive, partner-led legal advice with a deep business understanding of your particular industry. The Company: From its offices at 2 Marylebone Road, Joelson serves clients in a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, hospitality and leisure, media, technology and financial services. Following a number of successful recent mergers, the firm offers a range of world-class legal services that include corporate, real estate, labour, litigation, licensing and gaming, immigration, real estate litigation, construction and planning. We use our in-depth industry knowledge to assess the legal issues and challenges you face. We evolve and adapt to our customers and the way they do business. We invite you to consult our lawyer profiles and look forward to helping you with your legal questions.

Our lawyers provide services to individuals, estates and businesses of various sizes, from small, closely-owned family businesses to Fortune 500 companies operating in all types of industries and businesses. Our lawyers use their experience and relationships in the business and legal communities to meet the needs of their clients. The use of technology improves our ability to respond quickly and effectively. Joelson has been featured in the guide for several years, a success he repeated in 2017 with recognition in six different categories of legal services in London. This article is provided for reference purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Specific legal advice about your particular situation should always be obtained separately before taking any action or deciding not to act. The guide is produced annually by a team of dedicated researchers and is a reference point for in-house counsel, businesses and clients looking for good legal advisors.

Joelson Rosenberg PLC is a boutique law firm based in the Detroit metropolitan area that has earned its reputation as a leading commercial law firm providing exceptional legal services to a discerning clientele. Our lawyers are recognized for their ability to find innovative solutions to the most complex legal problems. CLIENT: Rob Quayle (CEO) COMPANY: Direct Life TESTIMONIAL: “Magda has guided us through three transactions in the last four years – one MBO and two significant investments, and we wouldn`t want anyone else. Magda and Paul`s understanding of our needs shone from the beginning. His advice went far beyond legal issues and led us to a positive conclusion from a personal and professional point of view. We have always believed that they supported us, acted in the best interest, minimized our costs, maximized our opportunities and always appreciated it. Thanks guys! “This puts us alongside some of the largest companies in London and the UK, many of which have offices around the world with much larger teams. Sheldon is also President of the ELN (European Lawyers Network) and regularly represents the ELN with external organisations and other law firms. CLIENT: Antonia Kinlay (British actress) TESTIMONIAL: “Thank you to Joelson`s team for helping me achieve this fair result. I hope that this will encourage other actors to fight for fair treatment and not to accept discriminatory practices. Jenny and Reema were attentive, meticulous and extremely supportive throughout the process. Litigation: The team handles a wide range of complex and high-quality litigation, both in the UK and overseas, for high-net-worth companies and individuals.

He has many years of experience in prosecuting and defending cases before UK courts, arbitration and ADR. The team has extensive experience advising on a range of commercial matters, including breach of contract, shareholder and partnership disputes, industrial property disputes, intellectual property infringement, debt collection and asset determination, insolvency and professional negligence. “Jo Gregory is excellent – the exceptional partner who drops everything for a client. The litigation team has grown stronger since Jo joined Jo and Jo leads a wide range of complex, high-quality litigation in the UK and overseas for high-net-worth individuals and corporations. “The people we worked with were reliable and available twenty-four hours a day. They were as eager as we were to get the best results possible. “The sympathetic approach is second to none, and the expertise and scrutiny of the case has been very impressive. CLIENT: Cassandra Stavrou (Founder) COMPANY/COMPANY: PROPER TESTIMONIAL: “Joelson has now led PROPER through two successful transactions. It`s a true testament to the support and long-term relationship we have with them.

Paul and the team were really focused and attentive throughout the process. Building PROPER took almost a decade and Joelson understood that finding the right partner was an important moment for me personally and for the company. We are thrilled and appreciate Joelson`s hard work to make this a successful business. » Real Estate Litigation: The team, led by Daniel Swimer, covers all commercial and residential real estate litigation, often for commercial and residential development clients. The team works closely with the firm`s real estate lawyers to minimize the risk of litigation escalating into litigation.