“KPU`s LGLA program has helped me prepare for my career by giving me a good understanding of legal principles and procedures.” In addition to learning highly specialized content in two different areas of law, students will gain the work ethic and professionalism of the law firm expected of legal administrative assistants. Both programs can be completed on campus or online. Students enrolled in on-campus courses typically take full-time courses and complete courses on a pre-set schedule. Online students can take courses full-time or part-time. * Fees are approximate and subject to change with approval by the CCV Board of Governors. Students are required to pay all applicable fee increases. Registration and evaluation fees are non-refundable. Tuition includes a non-refundable security deposit of $300. The fees shown are for domestic students.

International programs can be found at VCC International. All refunds will be made in accordance with VCC`s refund policy. Students will be introduced to starting and organizing a business in British Columbia. It will provide an overview of British Columbia`s Business Corporation Act (which repealed the BC Company Act), the Society Act, the Canada Business Corporations Act and the Canada Corporations Act. Policies and procedures for choosing a business name are covered. Students` understanding of corporate charters and corporate structures is built with the typical requirements of corporate meetings, minutes, resolutions, and duties of directors and officers. Students use precedents to prepare bylaws and corporate regulations. Experience is gained with routine recordings and resolutions. Students learn how to establish and maintain business records (register and transitions to new business corporation laws). Company securities, registers and changes are also covered. Successful Legal Administrative Assistants are self-employed individuals with good communication skills, strong organizational skills and exceptional professionalism.

They are also patient and compassionate. Legal Administrative Assistants often begin their careers as receptionists in law firms or legal departments of large organizations, or as junior legal secretaries working under the supervision of more experienced individuals. Are you interested in this program, but still not sure? Get answers to all your questions about the program, courses, fees, application and more by attending an information session. For more information, see our FAQ. If you wish to change your program of study, you must submit a new application to CapU. You will acquire skills in keyboard, automatic transcription (typing), legal administrative procedures and corporate communication and prepare for a career in law firms, notaries and legal departments for companies, authorities or ministries. Discover your interesting program and learn about upcoming events, workshops, virtual and personal tours of the campus. Legal Administrative Assistants are among the highest paid office assistants in British Columbia and have many opportunities for career advancement, such as becoming a paralegal.

The programme is divided into eight modules listed below. The first is an overview of general legal procedures, followed by five courses covering specialist areas of law. While a variety of program options are available, students who complete a college program may perform better in the job market because these programs involve students working with employers. This approach ensures that graduates are well prepared for the needs of the workforce. Program policies for previous years can be viewed by selecting the desired version. If you have participated in this program and do not see a list for the start of the semester/year of the program, consider the previous version as the applicable version. Students must successfully complete the internship and achieve a minimum grade of 70% in each of the remaining courses in the program to graduate. The Legal Administrative Assistant Program is a full-time cohort program. Your cohort is no more than 35 students and provides a supportive environment that allows you to transition to university and connect personally with our faculty of experts.

Legal Administrative Assistants work primarily in law firms or legal departments of large organizations. Most legal administrative assistants regularly work full-time throughout the year. However, depending on your needs, some work may be required after work or on weekends. Students will gain an overview of the Canadian legal system, legal institutions and the structure of the Canadian judicial system. Students will learn about the history of Canadian law, including an analysis of the evolution of the Canadian Constitution. The Legal Professional Act and the rules of the Law Society of British Columbia are being discussed with respect to professionalism and ethics in this area. There will be a review of the roles and responsibilities of legal practitioners. Students learn how to interpret laws and coordinate their legal argumentation skills. The doctrine of precedents as well as current issues, the evolution of Canadian law and the legal reform process are also presented in this module. The process of legal reform, equity law and the distinction between jurisprudence and stare decisis are also covered. The program also offers an integrated internship where you can gain real-world experience and make valuable connections with the industry.

In addition, you can use courses in this program as electives in a number of degree programs if you wish to continue your studies. CapU`s Legal Administrative Assistant (LAA) certificate program offers students an exciting career in the legal industry. Over the course of two semesters, you will learn how to prepare legal documents and work with our experienced faculty who will prepare you for a rewarding career in a variety of professional contexts. This programme has been approved by the Registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Department of Training and Qualifications. Legal administrators also proofread outgoing documents and correspondence to ensure that documents comply with legal procedures and grammatical usage. In some cases, they attend hearings or meetings to take notes or take minutes. Textbooks: about $550 for each certificate program By the time you complete the program, you will have a wide range of essential litigation skills, including litigation, family law, corporate law, wills and estates, and property transfer. You are ready to embark on a rewarding career in the legal field. You will also have the opportunity to continue your education to obtain a paralegal certificate or diploma.

For more information about the Legal Administrative Assistant Certificate Program, contact us today. If you are returning to CapU to complete your program or apply for a new program, please contact the Registrar`s Office.