Does anyone know what story sparked this trend? Does anyone know a story that explains where the rules come from? I haven`t seen many people concerned about why you have to count backwards from 5 while holding your thumb when you hear a shot. I get the impression that you didn`t know that the mod team had dealt with this issue before. More than once. The creepypasta rule has not always existed. In fact, the bandwagoning and creepypasta rule is one of our most recent rules, second only to a few others. There is a reason. That reason is to preserve the quality of the submarine, as the incredible and crappy fanfiction about Creepypasta characters far outweighed the half-decent characters. There`s actually an entire horror subreddit that includes scary horror lists (usually read pretty quickly) – r/Ruleshorror! Hey author, cool story, but the last rule really throws everything you`ve written out the window. You don`t have to take it off outright, but I`d change it a bit if I were you, maybe saying it will eat us on the last day and if we don`t follow the rules, we`ll find an even worse ending. My new home has some really weird homeowners association rules.

by u/BlairDaniels* How to survive Camping must be my favorite! It`s a huge series, so it should definitely take a while. R/GoatvalleyCampgrounds is the house for this, the full list of rules and chapters is pinned! It`s gold. I see that there are a number of rules and instructions, I love to read them. Let them continue. I think ritual creepypastas were the source of the horror trope “Don`t break a strange rule or bad things happen”. [Camp Golden Oak] ( by U/theoddcatlady. Hello! Are there other stories like My dorm has strange rules? I read this about the brothel and that about a night watchman. Thank you It would always make the rules important.

Your last rule, right now, destroys pretty much everything about history in the wrong way. I read a series about a teacher teaching English to a strange student with rules * The story continues in a series that expands on the initial rules, additional messages may be in a story format rather than a list Hey! Dave said you would be watching the house this weekend! Here are some of the rules. Follow them very carefully. I don`t want to be a dick and banish other people`s stories to feel better when I`m withdrawn myself, I just want to read scary stories from a sleepless point of view that are believable. I don`t think existence on scary noodles does anything incredible. I don`t want to be an idiot or look like one of the boring guys who put their stories everywhere, but I wrote a 5-part series with rules. Ten rules for the night watchman by u/robots914* The Bible. Adam and Eve had a “list of rules for living in heaven for eternity” and things went wrong when they broke one of them.

I usually roll my eyes at the plethora of “rules” messages, but uh/weak – the series of goat campgrounds absolutely fell in love. I really don`t feel like you understand what would happen and what would happen if we allowed BEKs and Creepypasta. The quality of the submarine has decreased. About 10 times as many people complained that we allowed Creepypasta characters and posts on the bandwagon. And that was before we were by default. Imagine how bad it could get now. So, essentially, to answer your TL;DR question – I think creepypasta and legendary creatures are banned for two big reasons, even though your story only mentions them slightly. 1) You don`t create your own root content on an OC-Sub and therefore you were essentially plagiarizing content to meet your own needs, and 2) if it were allowed, even in a small capacity, each person and their sibling would do it because it would be an easy way to be heard – mainly because it would be merged with the original work, If someone is looking for it. My story was deleted because it mentioned Black Eyed Kids, even though it had almost nothing to do with them, except that pride was bothering the main character and causing problems. After the story was deleted for the first time, I rewrote the story to make it OBVIOUS that the creature was NOT a dark-eyed child, and I even went so far as to have the character say so.

This version was deleted and I was warned to be banned from the submarine, even though there was a long conversation on the OOC submarine about how to properly adapt my story to the rules. TL;DR Why are legendary creatures and scary noodles banned locally, even if a story has 1% to do with it? Tell a story written in the form of a list of rules by r/WritingPrompts On the r/nosleep subreddit, I reiterate the recommendation for Goat Valley campgrounds and I also liked the charter schools survival guide! Do`s and don`ts when trapped by “Gui Da Qiang” by u/quinzehours-creepy Here`s your problem. Anything written with a creepypasta as the basis or a legendary creature is not an “original version” of anything. It is rooted in something that has already been established, already recognized, and even if you distort it into something it is not originally, you still use the prejudices of the original work to advance yours. In other words, it is essentially a type of content plagiarism. Edit: My boy, you are rude. People make up rules and you just decide they`re right and you throw my answers to hell. In the last thread, the mods in this table told me that my edited version was fine and that it was okay to mention BEK like I did. A mod deleted it anyway, with no reason for deletion and no response to my message about it. I love it and I`m fascinated!! But I feel like I can`t understand some of the rules):, but I really want to. Can anyone explain that? IMHO that your first file is good enough in itself.

I don`t understand why you feel the need to include Creepypasta characters afterwards. You can clearly find your own tricks. So, you forgot to get something important during the day. You think you could just leave now. I mean, the store is still open for a few hours. It is more serious than that. You have to follow these rules to the point where something terrible will happen to you. But don`t worry and don`t worry. When you break a rule, there are 2 other things you can do. This is my favorite “kind” of nosleep stories. Things like “the apartment I moved into has a weird list of rules,” “the airline I`m traveling with has weird rules,” etc.

(Note that these were not specific titles, but generalized) Scary pasta is expansive and I think most stories can be reduced to the point where you can say, “Look, their creature shares this trait of a scary pasta story, ban it!” and it`s just not very fair or not easy to deal with at all. I saw the trend of here 10 rules for the new apartment, night shift in the hospital, work as security, etc. Trend on lack of sleep. Some were quite written and I enjoyed them. My dorm has strange rules. by u/BaronVonRuthless91 How about left/right play? Many, many rules and instructions. Really a fantastic read, I think I had the misfortune to have “Rules” in the title of my series and scare readers. I think others can attest that this is not the typical history of periods, and I always try to get more readers for some things I want to do later.