If you enjoyed reading about these strange laws in Vermont, you`ll love the Massachusetts laws listed below: Some of the laws in this Constitution were enacted a long time ago and aren`t being enforced as much as they were then. For example, there is a law that states that women must provide dentists with their husband`s written permission to wear dentures. There is also another law that regulates the amount of food and the number of baths that every Vermont resident should take. Each state has its own stereotypes that most residents can usually relate to. While Vermont is known for its impressive mountain ranges, scenic hiking trails, and skiing opportunities worthy of a to-do list, there are some original stereotypes about Vermont that will make you smile. In addition to these crazy laws in Vermont, the state of Green Mountain has unofficial laws like the love of maple syrup and craft beer. Oh, and that Vermont stereotype of being a farmer or knowing a farmer? That`s right. Have you ever played the game “Eight Degrees Of Kevin Bacon`s Distance”? Well, in Vermont, you can bet that you are one degree or less away from a farmer. Never have the words of the late and great British philosopher Thomas Hobbes sounded more honest than when examining some of the rules rooted in the composition of the United States.

Do you think you know what crazy laws were in the books in your state? Click to find out if you`re right! Like so many states in the United States, Vermont has strange laws. One wonders what was the idea behind the passage of some of these laws. There are actually a few on this list that make sense. Thanks to vermonter.com and Only in Your State, we can have fun looking at these laws while scratching our heads. So, let`s do it now. Just yesterday I did some research on the internet and found these humorous vermont laws posted by Erica Sweet on www.onlyinyourstate.com/vermont/crazy-vt-laws/ Iowans take their butter very seriously. Anyone who attempts to pass off margarine as butter can be charged with a felony under Iowa`s food labeling laws. “Renovated butter”, i.e. butter that has become bad or impure, but cleaned for human consumption, must also be labelled as such. Vermont is very unique and special, and its laws reflect exactly that.

While some refer to animals and the environment, others will worry about how (and more importantly, why) someone invented these strange laws in Vermont in the first place. I`ve listed these crazy laws here, but I would recommend going to their post for the wonderful visuals and comments. Each state has its own laws, almost strange. If you want to be a law-abiding citizen, you`ll definitely want to know some of vermont`s weirdest illegal things. Don`t even think about undressing in public. However, if you want to walk around naked, that`s cool (at least in some places). No matter how angry the dish makes you, hold your tongue. If you`re caught calling it a kangaroo dish, you risk a $200 fine. What are your plans for Saturday night? Well, if you live in Barre, you`d better take a bath. Failure to do so is, well, against the law. Many states have laws restricting various activities on Sundays, but in Iowa, it is illegal to sell cars or recreational vehicles on Sundays.

Florida got into trouble in 2013 when it accidentally banned all computers in the state. A confusingly worded law banning Internet cafes involved in illegal gambling has led to a lawsuit, arguing that the ban could be interpreted as applying to any device connected to the internet. But to be fair, EVERY state has some pretty ridiculous laws, so watch the video below for more madness. Vermont is known for being open-minded, but for a state known for its liberal views, these crazy laws can leave you a little confused. Although the laws themselves are strange, we wonder what happened in the first place to make these things illegal. After all, truth is often stranger than fiction. Here are some really strange laws in Vermont that will probably scratch your head. In Maine, no one is allowed to roller skate on the sidewalk.

Those who want to defy the laws could be fined a whopping $10. Vermont has pretty strict laws regarding alcohol consumption in the state. The law prohibits the consumption of alcohol by persons under 21 years of age. It does not make exceptions for health or other reasons. This means that the consumption of sacramental wine or Seder wine is illegal. This is considered a denial of religious freedom, as many priests have been arrested unnecessarily. How many laws have you broken without knowing it? What are your favorite weird laws in Vermont? Let us know in the comments! You probably want to sharpen your knowledge of the even stranger laws in Vermont even now. Which one is your favorite? In the comments, share all the other weird laws that made you laugh! Now that you`ve earned 12 new fun facts to impress people, you may want to dive deeper into the eccentricity of Vermont. These strange city names in Vermont will surely make you scratch your head! We may have some strange laws in Vermont, but most of them won`t affect your daily life.

One of the best things about living in Vermont is the abundance of outdoor adventures you can have. Hiking in Vermont is one of the best ways to see the state of Green Mountain, and there are hundreds of trails throughout the state. In winter, skiing in Vermont is one of the most popular pastimes. If that doesn`t seem like a good time to hit a mountain on sticks, you can still visit some of Vermont`s hidden beaches.